Video shot on March 14, 2013 at Baryshnikov Arts Center. Filmed and edited by Tatyana Tenenbaum. 


A dance examining the physicality and transmission of emotions, Interface is performed by choreographer Rashaun Mitchell with fellow former Merce Cunningham dancers Silas Riener, Melissa Toogood, and Cori Kresge. Set to an original electronic score by Thomas Arsenault (Mas Ysa) with visual design by Davison Scandrett, Fraser Taylor, and Nicholas O'Brien. 

Premiere: March 14-15, 2013 at Baryshnikov Arts Center

Performances: January 10, 2014 at Baryshnikov Arts Center


Choreography: Rashaun Mitchell

Dancers: Cori Kresge, Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener, Melissa Toogood

Music: Thomas Arsenault

Visual Design: Rashaun Mitchell, Davison Scandrett, Fraser Taylor, Nicholas O'Brien

Costumes: Mary Jo Mecca


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