Video shot on September 19, 2014 at Wellesley College. Filmed and edited by David Teng Olsen. 

r e v e a l  


r e v e a l is a site-specific dance work. It includes transformation, nature, magic, latex, flaying, ecstasy, skin, hair, creatures, monsters, fantasy, aggression, impulses, the future, peristalsis, masks, perception, articulation, control, freedom, exertion, underwater trees, silk, minotaurs, semiotics, aliens, animals, sorcery, urgency, agency, fluency, and the translational acts of communicating through space and movement.

Premiere: July 3-6, 2013 at Elevated Acre as part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council River to River Festival. 

Performances: July 14, 2014 at OMI International Arts Center

                            September 19, 2014 at Wellesley College


Choreography: Silas Riener

Dancers: Cori Kresge, Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener

Costumes: Julia Donaldson, Yvette Helin, Silas Riener


"Child's Play in the Grass, and Dancer's with Wings" Boston Globe. Karen Campbell. 

"Soaring" Imagista. Kerry Stichweh.