Photo by Andrea Mohin

Photo by Andrea Mohin


HAt principals Seth and Ariane Harrison and their collaborators choreographer Silas Riener and composer Loren Dempster have created a large-scale sculptural and sound installation, featuring a contemporary dance performance, exploring the development of the ecology of the industrial animal as man competes with nature to form and control the environment. Riener will be joined by Rashaun Mitchell and Cori Kresge.

The VEAL installation comprises five spaces: four in the Invisible Dog’s main gallery, and the fifth in a second gallery, where Riener’s dance work is performed. Multimedia sculptures double as musical instruments—some of which can be played by audience members—representing moments in an animal’s life as it is mass-produced for food.


Premiere: February 7-9, 2012 at The Invisible Dog


Installation: Harrison Atelier (HAt) principles Seth and Ariane Harrison

Choreography: Silas Riener

Composer: Loren Dempster

Dancers: Rashaun Mitchell and Cori Kresge


"We Surrounded Them" The New Yorker. Andrew Boynton.