Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener have led workshops and outreach activities throughout the world in conjunction with performances and residencies at Wellesley College, Colorado Dance Initiative, Gibney Dance Center DanCentricity, and New York University Tisch School of the Arts among others. 


Lecture Demonstration:
For this lecture demonstration Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener discuss their work as it relates to the idea of transformation: the transformation of the body, the transformation of spaces. In their work the dancing body becomes many things, a vehicle for poetic expression, a site holding many divergent personal histories, and a vessel for the magical, fantastical and spiritual . They will show excerpts of their site-specific and theatrical work from the last 5 years of experimentation and discuss these ideas.

Indoor movement class:
Drawn from our own current choreographic interests, this movement class is designed to engage multiple facets of the self at once while sharpening basic skills for organizing and articulating the body. We will move through a guided warm-up, generating pleasure and joy as a way to alleviate tension and anxiety. We will fall off center in order to locate multiple centers. We will move towards more complexity in the phrase work, focusing on anatomical clarity drawn from components of Cunningham technique, as well as other qualitative ideas enhanced by proprioceptive awareness, muscular control and spiritual ease.

Outdoor Improvisation class:
This class will introduce one or more improvisational modalities used in our ongoing practice involving techniques of embodiment and acts of transgression. Drawn from our choreographic interest in transformation, we will expand our sense of attention through a focused yet playful connection to our environment. We will move to invent, renew and articulate our relationship to the world around us by cultivating links between imagined states, sensorial experiences and a constantly shifting performance landscape. 


Photo: Alex Beck